breccia capraia quarry 33

White Carrara Downtown

White Carrara Downtown is the second of the four steps provided by the International Marbles and Machinery under “4 times marble” the articulated promotional initiative launched in the year of transition between the two editions of the CarraraMarmotec fair. This is the perfect occasion for Carrara and stone companies to “dress up” to welcome and meet customers, buyers, journalists, professionals, architects and designers in the context of a new way of enhancing Apuy Versilian territory and its core Business according to a most recent reading key: the NATURAL FAIR, where the farmhouses function as the pavilions, and the quarries become the natural extension of the sheds themselves.
From 10am to 6pm, the city’s jungle will offer its visitors an opportunity for emotional, emotional, business stories, stories of men, passions, work, products, and design. Through specific tours you will be able to discover the uniqueness of one of the most fascinating places in Italy where to discover a refined historic center, to enjoy delicious local specialties and to attend concerts, shows and different events each evening. Among the many opportunities is also a Sight and Seeing Tour that will allow you to visit the old town and the quarry, off-road, stop at Colonnata’s larderie.



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