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Wines – Lands of Italy

Wines – Lands of Italy
V Edition
Sunday 21 and Monday 22 May – A Hotel Lido di Camaiore (Lu)
Via Sergio Bernardini 335/337
Wines of Autore – Terre d’Italia, the very prestigious Tuscan kermesse, to its fifth edition, devoted to the national winemaking excellence. There will be 80 wineries at the tasting booths and over 400 tasting labels, for a truly intriguing wine excursus that will bring visitors from the extreme north to the south, passing through the islands and touching even less well-known districts.
The prestigious headquarters of the event Hotel Una of Lido di Camaiore, just a few steps from the sea, where you will be able to appreciate in the glass a prestigious, eclectic and undisputed “autore” selection capable of offering enthusiasts and operators a split wine Which varied thanks to the diversity that characterizes every single vineyard in the vineyard and cellar approaches.
The event is conceived and organized by the group that since 1999 gives shape and substance to the online headline AcquaBuona (www.acquabuona.it) specialized in the information and in the deepening of quality food and food and agro-food. A group that has been the creator and creator of Terre di Toscana for ten years, one of the most important events dedicated to Tuscan wine, where every year 130 producers and more than 3300 visitors come from journalists, buyers, restaurateurs, wine makers, distributors , Sommeliers and enthusiasts.
The event avails itself of the patronage of the Commune of Camaiore.
Sunday from 11.30 to 19 and Monday from 11.30 to 18.30
Entrance € 25 (the entrance gives you the right to taste all the wines present)
Reduced entry (€ 20) for members AIS, FISAR, ONAV, AIES, SLOW FOOD, TOURING, ASPI and subscribers to L’AcquaBuona
For accreditation of operators and press: info@acquabuona.it – ​​tel. 3356814021


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